Since the Chosen era, Korean folk painting has decorated homes and working places of the Korean people. Symbolic and colorful, Korean folk painting embodies the hope and prayer for the peace, happiness, wealth and longevity for the people. Established Korean artist Kim Man-su has taken this heritage and reinvented Korean folk painting in a viewpoint that connects to the contemporary audience. 

While expanding on the motifs familiar with folk paintings such as phoenix and birds, mountains and waterfalls, flowers and pine trees, Kim Man-Su transcends the traditional expression of these elements with his unique style of composition and daring blend of primary colors. His work is like metaphorical stories jumping out from the canvas, stirring up the imaginations of its viewers. Kim Man-su believes that his paintings ‘are intended to make known to the world Korean sensibility, which is uniquely ours not just in its subject matter but its visual expression as well.’

Kim Man-su has held over 15 solo exhibitions and participated in various group shows in Korea,Paris,Germany, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 2009 he was selected a ‘news maker’ in the area of Innovative Leader of Culture & Art of Korea. His works are collected by many private collectors and institutions.

Kim Man-su