About Chiu So-chung

'Living at the Moment' has been the guiding principle for Chiu So-chung in her life and art. Her Chinese ink and color paintings are one of a kind, catching your attention with their positive vibration, humor, genuine emotions expressed in overt calligraphic statements of her love of life and admiration of nature. In one of her latest series of paintings, inspired by Zen poetry from famous Chinese poets from various dynasties, Chiu So-chung shows us how ancient poetry and contemporary painting could come together as one to represent that timeless feeling of Zen. 

Born in Guangzhou and had been living in Hong Kong since her teens, Chiu so-chung has always been interested in art, influenced by her father Chiu Xi-dan (趙是旦) who was a legendary artist in Hong Kong in the 1960's. Working as a columnist and with her own advertising company till she retired in 2007 at the age of 60, Chiu has renewed her passion in paintings and has since then been producing series of work which were shown at exhibitions in Hong Kong at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery in 2012 and 2014, in 2013 at the Hong Kong Central Library and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. In 2017 she was invited by Sunrise Arts Association to stage an exhibition at the Hong Kong Central Library of 28 pieces of her work and literature on the theme of Hong Kong Country Park. Many of her recent works are collected and sought after by private collectors.

Chiu So-chung