A graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 2016, Nicholas Woo is a young and aspiring photographer and artist strong in conceptual exploration in his creative photographic work. Humorous and inquisitive, Nicholas’ works often encourage dialogue and engagement with their viewers.

Nicholas’ photographic projects ‘Headless’, ‘Minding your Business’, ‘Inverted’ consistently reflect his sensitivity to the interactive behaviour of people in urban habitat. His works with portrait, especially the street portraits, reveals a human touch and non-intrusive communication with the subject he photographs. 

 ‘Are things only what they are supposed to be?’ ‘Could they have other lives?’ are questions in the mind of photographer Nicholas Woo when he looks at mundane everyday objects. His inquiry into these questions are expressed in reconstruction of  mundane objects into interesting artworks, each expressing special moments in the process of reconstruction, captured in photography and presented  in the series of photographs ‘Why Not’, of which limited edition prints are offered for collection.

Currently Nicholas is working with commissioned projects as well as creating his own series of photographic artwork. 

Nicholas Woo