Born in 1936 in Shantou, China, Pang da-yi is a famous artist in traditional Chinese ink painting, especially in the area of shan-shui.

Pang's work let nature speaks. The viewers are intrigued by the movement and ambiance that his shan-shui paintings conveyed. Immersed in his paintings, one can almost feel the sound of the waterfall, the far cry of the flock of birds, and drawn to the rustling sound of leaves as the breeze stroll across the mountains.

The idyllic scenes are even more apparent as we see fishermen casting their nets in the early dawn, or the farmers unhurriedly herding the cows back from the fields amidst the beautiful sunset, symbolic of an ideal life of simplicity, abundance and harmony which is of aspirational value for Chinese people for centuries.

Pang's had exhibited widely in over 20 countries. He sits on the board of many art institutions in China. His works are sought after and collected by numerous collectors in China and overseas.

Pang Da-yi