Empathetic and critical, humorous and seemingly absurd, Sohee's art are there to make you laugh while bearing no grudges, rather they elicit your sensibility to life in the metropolis we are living in.

Talking about her subject matter in her work, Sohee shares with us her feelings about the 'invisible forces' in the cities that tend to dehumanize us: 'When I ride a train packed with people, I feel we are being treated as objects. Propelled by invisible forces, we are sucked involuntarily into containers such as buses, trains and elevator, and swept off to the same places every day... Without realizing it, we lost our keen and vivid senses and grow accustomed to the role of inanimate objects.'In Sohee's work we saw her survival tactics, subjects that are familiar from everyday life are thrown into a confused state; the dramatized images are imbued with humor that springs from a playful imagination.

The young and talented Sohee holds a PhD in art from Tama Art University in Japan (2013). She held over 20 exhibitions since 2008 and her works are shown in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Her works are collected by private and institution collectors including SAKIMA Art Museum (Okinawa, Japan), Kochi Art Museum (Kouchi, Japan), Tokyo opera city (Tokyo, Japan) and National Art bank (Korea).

Sohee Kim