Well known Hong Kong artist Yim Yee-king, known as Ah Chung by the art world, was born in Guangdong, China in 1933. Becoming a full time artist as early as 1952, Ah Chung is known for his political cartoon in the early part of his career in the 1960’s. He held his first solo exhibition in 1956 and since then had held over thirty exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States and in recent years in mainland China. Since the 1980’s Ah Chung has established a style of his own, advocating a peaceful and harmonious way of life through his lyrical Chinese ink artwork.

Equally if not more artistically eloquent are his oil paintings. Ah Chung’s oil paintings reveal a highly individual style, forceful in their bold and unrestrained calligraphic lines, piercing through the canvas combined with almost three dimensional swaths of vibrant colours applied in mighty proportions. Be it the depiction of Chinese legendary figure or the cat at home or a nude lady in relaxing posture or renditions of landscapes, we are moved by the energy, passion and emotion that are coming through to us and cannot help but marvel at how the artist feel at home in the artistic traditions of East and West.

Ah Chung’s artworks are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, The National Museum of Art, Taiwan, Taiwan Museum of Art and the Museum of Art, Kaohsiung and numerous private collectors in Hong Kong and around the world. 

 Ah Chung (Yim Yee-king)