‘From One to All’: the transformation of the elephant

It is the eyes that made me stop and look. Yes it is the eyes of the elephant in a painting in Chiang Mai. That was in 2004. My first encounter with the art of Supachet Bhumakarn. That painting speaks to me and I want to meet the artist. And I get to meet Supachet.

When we first met, I could not speak Thai and Supachet could not speak English. We communicated through his paintings. ‘So colourful, so engaging, so timeless’ were my first impression of Supachet’s work. But there were more impressions coming out from his work…that youthful energy, that playfulness, that human touch and the loving kindness reached out to us in his many ways as he creatively expresses the  many moods of his elephant, which as he said is a symbol to express his inner self, his existence.

Born, study and live in Thailand, Supachet is a full time artist. In his early work from about 2002 to 2005, Supachet is fascinated with geometric shapes and with colours. Colours are always a strong element in Supachet’s work. Through his work you encounter captivating colours that you may have never seen before, and this bold, adventurous use of colours symphonized together with the lines contribute tremendously to make his subject and his work unique and memorable.

Supachet Bhumakarn