A talented young artist from Thailand, Supachet Bhumakarn is known for his signature icon the elephant. Viewers of his work are taken in by his imaginary world where elephants and other animal icons roam free in colours and scenarios that are unforgettable. Supachet’s paintings have a way that makes people feel happy and peaceful. His childlike depiction of a world of imagination touches the viewers.

Working in an intuitive way Supachet creates beautifully orchestrated paintings in acrylic on canvas that explore the relationship between self and creativity symbolized by the elephant and the rabbit, the inseparability of that two fuses to emerge at times in a new icon ‘Elebit’ in his recent works. Tapping into the real and the imagery, playing with scale and details, Supachet continues to display his talent for creating unique colours and texture, that special human touch that makes every piece of his work come to life.

Born in Bangkok in 1978, Supachet has formal fine art training at the ChiangMai Unvierstiy and Fine Art College in Bangkok. Since 1996 Supachet had held over 15 exhibitions in Thailand, Hong Kong and France with good reviews. His work had been collected by private collectors and the hospitality industry.

Supachet Bhumakarn