Spencer’s engagement with art starts early. In the 1980’s he had completed academic training in fine arts in universities in Hong Kong and Canada. Throughout the past three decades of his successful practice as a professional interior designer, Spencer’s passion, aesthetic discretion and technical skills for fine arts had been further nurtured– after all, interior design is about the blending of art and craft and technical expertise.

Spencer maintains that an artist should combine science, philosophy and arts into one…an artist should critique oneself very often, to review his impact on the culture, to think from reasoning and feeling. Currently as a full time artist, Spencer returns to the one of the subject he loves best, that of the human, the people. The latest series shows lively and humorous human faces of people of the city. His work shows his distinct observations of the different walks of life of the people around him, their cultural persity and the vivid colors of their lives.

Presented in unique conceptual 3D picture plane, his people reflects the alternating moments of movement and stillness, hustle and leisure, time and space, a frozen moment and eternity.

Spencer Luk