Soft and poetic yet powerful and compelling, this is the impression that one gets when encountering the art of Olarn Plubplon.

Dreamy and dusky, Olarn's oil on canvas work takes on an ethereal ambiance in telling the story of the artist's emotional encounters with nature, displaying a sense of beauty and tranquillity that one cannot resist.

Olarn's abstract landscapes make expressive statements in revealing the artist's engagement with nature. Layers of colours speak of the sublime haziness of dawn awakened by the sweeping and bold movement of the brush strokes, one could feel the gentle breeze unveiling the beauty of the mountains and forests otherwise shrouded in shades of light mists over the murmuring brooks. Inevitably one is drawn towards the sensitivity and spontaneous engagement with nature and imagery that Olarn is sharing with us.

Thai artist Olarn Plubplon holds a Master of Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University. He had held over 25 exhibitions in Thailand since 2003. His work is collected by private collectors in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Belgium and France.

Olarn Plubplon