Ma Kwai-shun graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts in 1976, a M.Phil. in Fine Arts in 1991 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a D.F.A. (Doctor of Fine Arts) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia in 2002. For many years he has been exploring and promoting ink painting through his Art Horizon Workshop in both collaborative research and curatorial projects. He likes to integrate Chinese water-based colour printing and ink painting technique in his creative process, with emphasis on water, ink and colour.

He took part in many solo and group exhibitions including "Dialogue between Water-based Coloured Printmaking and Ink Painting", "Second Taipei International Modern Ink Painting", "Hong Kong Water, Ink, Colour-- Exhibition of Chinese Paintings 2009", "Water & Ink Interpretation: Taipei Invitation Exhibition of Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting" , "2010 Hong Kong and Macau Visual Arts Exhibition" in Beijing. Furthermore, he was awarded "The Prize of Ink Painting" from the "Invited Exhibition of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan: The 9th Chinese National Art Exhibition" in 1999.

Ma Kwai-shun