Born in 1943 in Guangdong, Kwong Man-ying started his painting lessons in late 1950’s and has since then pursued a career in Chinese art. Kwong has a strong lineage of traditional Chinese paintings, learning from some of the best calligraphers and painters of southern China at that time including Chen Zhan-quan, Li Yan-shan, Feng Kang-hou, Leung Kan-nang ,Chen Ding-lan and Shang Cu-chu. His paintings are poetic and lyrical, displaying a strong influence that could be traced back to the paintings from the Sung and Yuan dynasty.

As a literati artist, Hong Kong artist Kwong Man-ying gives expression to his paintings by lodging in them his feelings of the moment at which he paints. Pure and serene, yet full of life and energy, these feelings are brought to life with the artist’s portrayal of his subjects reflecting seasoned techniques with beautiful calligraphic lines and unique colour tones. Kwong started exhibiting and teaching Chinese ink paintings since the 1970’s till the mid 1990’s. His work is collected by private collectors and corporations.

Kwong Man-ying