Anneli's art is spontaneous, playful, bursting with energy and colour. Anneli's paintings display in various form the artist's innermost thoughts: using Chinese ink, acrylic and mixed media on rice paper, she projects moments of her mind through unique motifs in a harmonious blend of vibrant colours that stimulates your imagination. 

Anneli's subject matters take inspiration from the beauty of nature, literature and legends. To Anneli every piece of work is an adventure, a discovery of the story that lies latent in her mind until they are revealed via her creative expressions.

Born in Finland in 1952, and lived most of her adult life in Sweden, Anneli had worked in commercial design till 1990 when she decided to devote to painting full time. She is married to a Swedish national and now lives and work in Sweden and Spain. Her works are sought after by private collectors and institutions. 

Anneli Kivinen