Born in Hong Kong Maxim is a full time artist and illustrator known for her human touch and imaginative curvy icons in her work. After a decade of working as a graphic designer in the 1970’s, Maxim turned to work full time in art illustration, and in recent years has included works in mixed media.

As an illustration artist known for her creativity and versatility, Maxim is well known and sought after by various publishers in Hong Kong, especially in the arena of children’s books. Collaborating with various corporations, government bodies and publishers, Maxim had created illustrations for over one hundred books of diverse themes and style and her illustrations also add life to graphic presentation of various cultural campaigns by the Hong Kong government since the 1980’s. She has also showcased her works in group exhibitions in Hong Kong.

Since 2012 Maxim is tuned in to creating mixed media fine arts which she said ‘releases the inner energy and tiny voices in me’. Maxim’s current work in fine art is mostly abstract, the fluidity of the untamed shapes and unexpected use of colour juxtaposes to echo the free flowing sentiment the artist experienced in the process of creation, which never fails to unleash the imagination of the viewers.

Maxim Tang